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Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon Recipe: Delicious, Rich and Easy

13th August 2017
vegan mushroom bourguignon

Remember that tasty vegan tofu bacon from last week? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you now have a delicious and simple use for it (if you haven’t eaten it all yet) with this vegan mushroom bourguignon. It really adds to it if you do have it so do a batch and put half in here and the other half in a bacon sandwich.…

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Vegan Tofu Bacon Recipe: Only Four Ingredients

6th August 2017
vegan tofu bacon

If you follow me on Instagram, or have just been in my house in the morning time, you’ll know just how much I love a nice breakfast. Sunday mornings are for coffee, minimal moving and a fried breakfast. “But what about the bacon??” I hear people cry. Luckily, a vegan fried breakfast can be just as good as a meat-based one, and it starts with my vegan tofu bacon.…

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Courgettes on Toast: Glazed with Garlic and Basil

30th July 2017
courgettes on toast

It’s no secret on this blog that I love bread and one thing that I have found with vegan sandwiches and toast toppings is that you really can’t just replace the non-vegan toppings with vegan versions. I don’t know about you but a sandwich with vegan ham and vegan cheese just isn’t that appealing. As such, my courgettes on toast recipe was born.…

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Vegan Puff Pastry Slices Recipe: Pesto and Roast Vegetable

23rd July 2017
vegan puff pastry slices

It’s no secret after my vegan sausage rolls recipe that I’m a massive fan of pastry. As well as that, I have made it very clear with my own vegan pesto recipe how important that is to me too. So I thought, why not bring these things together for my own vegan puff pastry slices.…

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Vegan Pesto Recipe: Simple and So Good

2nd July 2017
vegan pesto jar

I have always been somewhat annoyed at the fact that we are neglected when it comes to vegan pesto. Even Ireland’s second most enthusiastic twins, The Happy Pear, who usually lead the charge on a plant-based diet neglect to mention that their main pesto contains cheese. Pesto has been a staple throughout my life, especially throughout college when “pesto pasta” became everyone’s specialist subject. When I first turned vegan, there was a definite pesto shaped hole left in my diet…

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Vegan Enchiladas Recipe: Delicious and Cheesy

25th June 2017
vegan enchiladas

Vegan enchiladas are just as delicious as any others. As with my vegan spaghetti bolognese recipe and my vegan chilli recipe, I really don’t feel like it’s a case of ever missing out with vegan food. It’s about getting creative with the incredible variety of ingredients and flavours that we do have access to. And many of those flavours are still distinctly cheesy.…

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Vegan Kimchi Fried Rice: A Recipe from Fionn

15th June 2017
Vegan kimchi fried rice image

It’s only been a few days since my good friend Fionn left for China and let me tell you – I miss him already. Luckily, as a parting gift he left me with his vegan kimchi fried rice recipe and I thought it only right to share it far and wide – it is that good.…

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