Vegan Jambons Recipe: Cheese, Onion and Ham

9th June 2018
Vegan jambons

In my last recipe, I used the excuse of looking for a job as the reason for not posting a new recipe and excitingly this time around my excuse is starting a new job. Alongside that, the closer we got to Ireland’s abortion referendum, the more my meals turned into either takeaway or crisps so now that I am finally getting back into a normal routine, I have more time to cook things like these delicious vegan jambons. This recipe…

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Vegan Garlic Bread Recipe: Only Four Ingredients

18th May 2017
Vegan Garlic Bread Image

Firstly, a quick note to say thanks to everyone who shared my first recipe, vegan spaghetti bolognese. It’s been really lovely to see the comments that people have sent me and have really made me want to keep going with posting as many recipes as I possibly can. What better place to go next than the perfect thing to compliment bolognese: vegan garlic bread.…

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