Vegan Lasagne Recipe: Rich, Creamy and So Easy!

6th January 2018
vegan lasagne

Well, hello there. Happy new year! Before I get to my vegan lasagne recipe, I have a bit of an update. It’s been a busy (and stressful) few months for me and truth be told I have had to let the blog take a back seat. I love writing recipes and posts for here but it almost became something that I felt like I had to do on top of everything else so decided to prioritise my mental health and scale everything…

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Vegan Sausages and Gravy Recipe: Simple, Savoury and Tasty

8th October 2017
vegan sausages and gravy

Okay, so I’m going to lay my cards out on the table that this recipe doesn’t contain a recipe for sausages nor does it really contain a recipe for gravy but in my opinion if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I am never going to do a better recipe than Linda McCartney than sausages and I am happy to accept that (except maybe my sausage rolls that is).…

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Vegan Pizza Recipe: Easy, Cheesy and Delicious

10th September 2017
vegan pizza

I can remember the days leading up to when I turned vegan. The one thing on my mind was to fill myself with enough pizza to last a lifetime as this was the last chance I would have. Little did I know that vegan pizza is very much possible and is easily as good as the non-vegan version.…

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Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon Recipe: Delicious, Rich and Easy

13th August 2017
vegan mushroom bourguignon

Remember that tasty vegan tofu bacon from last week? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you now have a delicious and simple use for it (if you haven’t eaten it all yet) with this vegan mushroom bourguignon. It really adds to it if you do have it so do a batch and put half in here and the other half in a bacon sandwich.…

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