Vegan Lasagne Recipe: Rich, Creamy and So Easy!

6th January 2018
vegan lasagne

Well, hello there. Happy new year! Before I get to my vegan lasagne recipe, I have a bit of an update. It’s been a busy (and stressful) few months for me and truth be told I have had to let the blog take a back seat. I love writing recipes and posts for here but it almost became something that I felt like I had to do on top of everything else so decided to prioritise my mental health and scale everything…

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Vegan Thai Green Curry Recipe: Spicy and Full of Flavour

17th September 2017
vegan thai green curry

After seven months away from Ireland, there were some definite foods that I was ready to launch into. After eating my weight in salt and vinegar hunky dory’s and spice bags, however, there were a few things that I really missed from while I was away. One of the things I craved was Thai curries and, after making the move to veganism a vegan thai green curry was one of the first things I had to put my mind to…

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Vegan Pizza Recipe: Easy, Cheesy and Delicious

10th September 2017
vegan pizza

I can remember the days leading up to when I turned vegan. The one thing on my mind was to fill myself with enough pizza to last a lifetime as this was the last chance I would have. Little did I know that vegan pizza is very much possible and is easily as good as the non-vegan version.…

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Vegan Mushroom Vol Au Vents: Creamy and Filling

27th August 2017
vegan mushroom vol au vents

Okay, so I know at this stage on the blog my obsession with pastry may be a bit much between my sausage rolls and my puff pastry slices. That said, I have one more recipe to post of the pastry variety and that is my vegan mushroom vol au vents.…

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Vegan Mushroom Bourguignon Recipe: Delicious, Rich and Easy

13th August 2017
vegan mushroom bourguignon

Remember that tasty vegan tofu bacon from last week? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you now have a delicious and simple use for it (if you haven’t eaten it all yet) with this vegan mushroom bourguignon. It really adds to it if you do have it so do a batch and put half in here and the other half in a bacon sandwich.…

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Vegan Enchiladas Recipe: Delicious and Cheesy

25th June 2017
vegan enchiladas

Vegan enchiladas are just as delicious as any others. As with my vegan spaghetti bolognese recipe and my vegan chilli recipe, I really don’t feel like it’s a case of ever missing out with vegan food. It’s about getting creative with the incredible variety of ingredients and flavours that we do have access to. And many of those flavours are still distinctly cheesy.…

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