McGuinness Traditional Takeaway: Vegan Takeaway Review

24th August 2018

When I first found out about McGuinness Traditional Takeaway, it almost brought a tear to my eye. So many of the things I missed after turning vegan were at my fingertips – from burgers to pizzas to battered sausages and so much more. Not only that, they recently introduced delivery via Just Eat so I thought what better opportunity to move slightly away from vegan lunch reviews and do my first vegan takeaway review.

Scanning the menu for McGuinness Traditional Takeaway can be a little overwhelming at first. One of the comforts in veganism is that a lot of the decisions are made for you when eating out but here there is a menu that is just as extensive as the non-vegan version. Old favourites like the vegan battered sausage sit alongside recent additions like the vegan philly cheese steak. I settle on a vegan double bacon burger, a “McGuinness combo” of onion rings, battered sausage and “chicken” nuggets, chips and of course a pot of vegan garlic mayonnaise.

Soon after ordering, the food arrives at my door in a vinegary brown bag. Each individual item looks just the same as it’s non-vegan counterpart – all that familiar shade of beige that only chipper food seems to be.

I tackle the burger first. It’s slightly different to what you would expect from a chipper burger with the flavour of the pesto being the most powerful. That said, it works well with the vegan cheese, bacon and burger patties resulting in one of the tastiest vegan burgers I’ve had.

Vegan Burger McGuinness Traditional Takeaway

The “McGuinness combo” is also a real winner for me. The battered sausage is just as I remember it – crispy on the outside and delightfully savoury on the inside. The “chicken” nuggets are almost worryingly chickeny and the texture is spot on. The onion rings are well cooked and crispy. Take all of the above with the perfectly cooked chips and well balanced garlic mayonnaise and you have a mix that will keep me coming back again and again.

Vegan Combo McGuinness Traditional Takeaway

McGuinness Traditional Takeaway does not disappoint. Moving away from its “traditional” namesake, the full vegan menu is everything you could hope for in a takeaway without any of the premium cost often associated with vegan food. This takeaway creates something special that nowhere else in Dublin has really tapped into yet. It has truly earned its nickname as the “vegan chipper”.

McGuiness's Traditional Takeaway
  • Vegan Options
  • Food Quality
  • Value for Money


With its full vegan menu and excellent food, McGuinness Traditional Takeaway is unlike any other chipper in Dublin.

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