Mish.Mash: Vegan Lunch Review

26th September 2018
Mish.Mash Dublin Logo

A quick glance around Mish.Mash on Capel Street is like looking at a minimalist Instagram feed. Single light bulbs hang from the ceiling, plain bits of wooden furniture line the walls and the only colour here is a splash of blue on one wall. It is indeed a bit of a Mish.Mash – none of the furniture is of the same set and nothing is quite the same design but it all seems very thoughtfully put together.

The menu leaves a bit to be desired in highlighting what is vegan but a look at the specials board and a quick chat to the staff leads me to the vegan sandwich special – beetroot, avocado, spinach and houmous (€7.50) – and an accompanying cup of white bean and kale soup (€2.50).

While I’m waiting for my food, I order an Americano (€2.80). I’m not sure why I haven’t heard more of the coffee here. It’s strong and sharp, but not overpowering, and tastes very similar to some of the best coffee shops in Dublin. Before I’ve even tasted the food, I’m thinking of rerouting my morning walk to work every once in a while to try the coffee again.

Mish.Mash Dublin Coffee

My food arrives, again like something fresh from Instagram. The sandwich is simply delicious. The bread feels freshly made and the bright purple filling is full of savoury vegetable flavours. It comes with a homemade pesto that is a delicious tangy contrast – I may go back to ask for the recipe as it’s so different to my own. The cup of soup is also delicious – hearty and flavoursome with bits of kale and crispy croutons.

Mish.Mash Dublin Soup and Sandwich

It’s very easy to over complicate café food but the ethos at Mish.Mash seems to be simple food done very well. I think soup and a sandwich is one of the best measures of any café. Many wouldn’t even entertain the idea of a vegan sandwich but the vegan food here feels like it has been given just as much thought as the rest of the menu.

I’m not sure why we don’t have more good vegan sandwiches in Dublin – maybe it’s that I haven’t looked hard enough – but Mish.Mash has set the bar very high. Possibly the best vegan sandwich in Dublin.

  • Vegan Options
  • Food Quality
  • Value for Money


Mish.Mash is an quite simply an excellent café with delicious food. I will definitely be back, probably more than once.

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