Moreish Superfoods: Vegan Lunch Review

1st August 2018
Moreish Superfoods

Going down the escalator into Moore Street Mall doesn’t exactly feel like the first steps to finding great vegan food. Walk to the back of the shopping centre and you will find some small food vendors selling everything from kebabs to pho. It seems like everything is very focused around meat and dairy until you reach the very corner where you will find Moreish Superfoods.

This tiny café is in stark contrast to the rest of the food vendors here. Decor is minimal and wooden with a tin of cutlery and some fake plants as the only decorations on the two benches reserved for customers.

Moreish Superfoods

The menu isn’t solely vegan by any means but the options are well thought out and standalone – not just a meat dish without the meat. Among the options are a vegan burger (€8.50) a superfood salad (€7.90) and a buddha bowl (€8.50). I order the buddha bowl and take a seat.

I am always wary of buddha bowls as they are often used as a means to make a dull salad sound more exciting but that is not the case here. What arrives is quite the opposite of boring. The bowl features cucumber salad, hummus, tofu with a peanut sauce, roast sweet potato, a chickpea salad, brown rice on a bed of salad. A cherry and blueberries even feature in the centre of the bowl. The buddha bowl seems to change by the season with everything feeling very fresh and different to the last time I ate here.

What could feel like an odd array of different textures and flavours fits together into a very satisfying dish. It’s like a starter, main course and dessert all in one bowl. Nothing feels too overworked or processed and all the individual elements are full of flavour.

Moreish Superfoods Budha Bowl

I think some of the best vegan food leaves you wondering “how did they do that?” and between the creamy chickpea salad and the rich and savoury peanut sauce I am filled with that wonder. Salad is so often so uninspiring but this doesn’t feel like a salad, more little vegan tapas placed in the one bowl.

I finish the bowl, leaving the cherry to last, and make my way back up the escalators through the unassuming entrance. People often talk about “hidden gems” when it comes to food but rarely are the gems quite so hidden. Moreish Superfoods is definitely one that’s worth finding.

You can find all the reviews for vegan lunch spots around Dublin over on my reviews page.

Moreish Superfoods
  • Vegan Options
  • Food Quality
  • Value for Money


If you’re looking for light and fresh vegan food that feels like a proper meal rather than a dainty salad, Moreish Superfoods is the place to find it.

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